Pre-planning Information

     Many people have thought about preplanning and/or prepaying their funeral for one reason or another; some of those reasons may be:

  • Your loved one may be in a nursing home and may be required to do so.
  • A family member may have been diagnosed with a life-threatening disease.
  • You may be concerned with the rising cost of funerals.
  • You may be concerned about the financial burden your death maybe on your family.

What are the advantages of prepaying or preplanning a funeral?

  • You are in a much better frame of mind to make sound decisions.
  • There is less pressure to make quick emotional decisions.
  • There are fewer details for family members to worry about when death occurs.
  • Today’s prices can be guarded against rising funeral costs.
  • It relieves the financial burden on surviving family members.
  • The money you set aside will always be there and protected; the funds cannot be withdrawn by anyone except the funeral home, who will be required to provide the authenticated death certificate before withdrawing the funds for payment.

How can I make funeral arrangements in advance?

    One of the best ways to preplan your funeral is to call Edgerly Funeral Home and set up an appointment with one our funeral professionals. It is very important tbe comfortable talking with your funeral director because they will be the individual assuring every detail is exactly the way your family wants it.

How can I prepay my funeral?

There are several ways to prepay your funeral in advance, including:

  1. Personal Check, bank check of certified check, cash.
  2. Changing the beneficiary of your life insurance policy to your selected funeral home.

What is done with my funds after I have prepaid?

    The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) and state regulations requires all funeral providers to deposit your funds in an account within 30 days. This is to protect you from fraud. Your funeral director may decide to place your funds in one of several vehicles, such as:

  1. A burial insurance policy
  2. A Interment Trust Company

Both of these options accumulate interest over the years that you are alive. The funds cannot be withdrawn prematurely by anyone until time of death, as a death certificate is required to procure these funds. Paying in advance will also insure against inflation; in fact, the only time that the cost is not guaranteed is when Life Insurance is used.  All funds that are given to the funeral home can be revocable or  in the case of Medicaid irrevocable; in other words, this money is now under the stewardship of the funeral home and must be applied to a future funeral.

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